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Duti Mon Ar Nei

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Title: Duti Mon Ar Nei.mp3
Artist: Fuad Ft Shamima Alam Chinu[Doridro.Com]
Album: Kemone Bhoolibo
Playtime: 4:09
Bitrate: 128 KBps
Download Server: Server1 / 10GBps
Resume Support: Yes

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# Song Name Ext Size
1  Amay Vasaile Re.mp3 .mp3 3556 KB
2  Bandhe Maya Lagaiche.mp3 .mp3 3697 KB
3  Bedan Madhur Hoe Jay.mp3 .mp3 4246 KB
4  Duti Mon Ar Nei.mp3 .mp3 3898 KB
5  Kemone Vulibo Ami.mp3 .mp3 3377 KB
6  Krishna Aiila Radhar Kunje.mp3 .mp3 3445 KB
7  Matir Pinjirara Majhe.mp3 .mp3 4893 KB
8  O Nadire.mp3 .mp3 3836 KB
9  Oi Jhir Jhir Batase.mp3 .mp3 3331 KB
10  Prithibi Amare Chay.mp3 .mp3 4488 KB
11  Shono Shono Katha Ti Shono.mp3 .mp3 2723 KB
12  Tomar Kunje Go.mp3 .mp3 4056 KB

# Album Name Status Files

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